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DoubleTake and My First Panorama

Date:  Fri, 23rd-Dec-2005prevnext

Tags: Apple, Open Source, OS X, Photography, Software

Way back in October, I asked for recommendations for panoramic image stitching software for OS X (God, was it really that long ago? One of my New-Year Resolutions must be to blog more often.)

I received just one reply (thank you Neon M), recommending VRWorx and REALVIZ Stitcher. Both programs looked superb yet were way too expensive and feature-rich for my humble needs - after all, I'll probably only make one or two of these images in any given year.

I have ended up buying the program I'd located myself, DoubleTake, for the princely sum of just £8.65 (UKP) including taxes...

DoubleTake has really impressed me and I'd like to share the results with you. But first, let me compliment the author, Henrik Dalgaard, for creating a program which epitomises the raison d'Ítre of any, good piece of software - namely, to take a complicated processing task and make it's operation simple and intuitive for the end user. Creating a panoramic image with DoubleTake is as easy dragging images (in any order) into the DoubleTake window, positioning them approximately in the correct order, then waiting briefly for DoubleTake to seamlessly join them together... and that's all there is to it.

I recently made a trip to Berlin (Germany) and, on the exterior wall of the former Luftwaffe headquarters (in what used to be East Berlin) there is large Soviet propaganda mural portraying the qualities of the socialist dream.


I wanted to photograph the entire mural for posterity, but also because I love the artistic style (anyone know what it's called?)

So I decided to photograph the painting in segments which I planned to manually stitch together in the GIMP upon my return to England. When I tried to do that however, I realised that it wasn't going to be as easy as I had first thought. The GIMP, while an amazingly sophisticated image-processing tool, just doesn't have the facilities to do what I wanted to do (I'm sure someone will correct me on this). Hence the search that took me to DoubleTake.

Anyway, enough of the foreplay, on to the results. I've included links to the full-size images for those of you who would like to examine the stitching up close. Enjoy!

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