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(for: The Future of Web Applications)
1 | Posted by: d4rr3ll (Guest) | ~ 12 months ago |

A good balanaced review of the conference. Some of got to thinking on way home and we have decided to start our own Web2.0 site, so here it is… http://www.cakeonrails.co.uk/

2 | Posted by: Stubbs (Guest) | ~ 12 months ago |

A couple if things, firstly, while I was complicit in the whole crutch thing it wasn’y my idea or execution, and the fact that you got up and went for breakfast 2 hours before they started serving was the icing on the cake (The best I hoped for was a bleary eyed “I didn’t order any crutches”)

I pretty much agree with all your comments too, Shaun’s talk was the one I was most looking forward to, but I ended up being dissapointed, I think he’ll learn from that, and his next one will be everything I hoped this one world be. He’s clearly a clever chap and knew what he was talking about.

Tom’s talk was excellent, and essential reading for anyone looking to build ground breaking applications (for fun and/or profit). I liked the fact that the speakers were all business men, and interested in both making the web cool, and making money, not just bunch of idealistic hippies.

3 | Posted by: Noah Slater (Guest) | ~ 12 months ago |

Hey d4rr3ll, what a great idea! I have done a cake mashup with your API:


Drunken cake parties are the way forward!

4 | Posted by: d4rr3ll (Guest) | ~ 12 months ago |

Wow! that was quick, this Web2.0 thing moves really quickly. I wonder if Tom Coates would be able to do atrocakeology.com, astrocakeology.com, then we would be able to answer that long burning question of which star sign likes which type of cake most.

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