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Date:  Tue, 13th-Jun-2006prev

Tags: Announcements, CMS, Urban Mainframe, Weblog, Website Development

The Urban Mainframe has gone decidedly stale. In fact I can almost see the mould growing and the maggots feeding on the decay.

But rest assured dear reader, my blogging intent is fully restored and I am on my way back! I am now putting the finishing touches to a whole new design, I've added a plethora of features to the underlying CMS, rewritten some of the old ones and I have about three-dozen articles I'd like to get out.

The countdown begins...

Update: 1st August, 2006. Work continues on the new site and things are really coming together now. Unicode threw me off track for longer than I expected (but it's been worth the effort) and some of the graphics work (never my strong suit) has slowed me down... Still remaining: comments need a little work and so do forums... once I've sorted them out then I'll be able to go live.

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