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1 | Posted by: Noah Slater (Guest) | ~ 4 months, 4 weeks ago |

Good stuff Jonathan, will be good to get you blogging again! Hope everything is well.

2 | Posted by: Philip Hofstetter (Guest) | ~ 3 months, 4 weeks ago |

Hi Jonathan,

it’s been over a month now since your announcement here ;-)

I can’t wait to read more from you!

Resurrecting a blog is quite easy, btw. At least it felt for me: When I was making more or less a post per month for nearly a year now, I’m finally back at more or less one post per day. And finding stuff to write about really isn’t that hard.

So, hopefully you’ll be back soon. And until then, I’m happy to see referrers from your developer site in my logfiles :p


3 | Posted by: DarkBlue (Registered User) | ~ 3 months, 4 weeks ago |

Sorry Philip, it’s taking a little longer than I thought to get this new site out there.

I’ve spent ages on the design and have tried some new things to make the site more attractive and useable. As always, some of these will make it into the final site and some have been discarded. However, I’m really pleased with what I’ve ended up with from a visual and usability point of view.

I’ve also added some nifty features to the CMS - more on that when I launch…

But the big delay has come because, right out of the blue, I decided to go Unicode… and, whilst there has been no problem converting the CMS to handle Unicode (thank you Perl and CPAN) I have been delayed because there’s an awful lot of content that has broken characters when I output UTF-8 and, unfortunately, I have been reduced to hand-editing all the existing content to replace these dodgy characters with their Unicode equivalents.

BUT… I am nearly there now. I am hoping to go live within the next two weeks - with all the bells and whistles.

Kindest regards and thanks for your patience and understanding.


4 | Posted by: Taekwondo Andy (Guest) | ~ 2 months ago |

Ay carumba - the Urban Mainframe sure is chewing through some SETI units at an alarming rate. You’ll be at a million credits before you know it at the current rate - hoping I manage to sneak in at the 2mil mark before you do!


Andy Fletcher

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