Urban Mainframe - an oasis for the idle mind... http://urbanmainframe.com/ Discussion of XHTML, CSS, Perl, web design & computer modding and more. Includes the weblog of DarkBlue. en-uk urbanmainframe.com. All Rights Reserved. Shapeshifter CMS (http://digital-word.com/) 360 Google: Don't Index This! http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040811/ I have recently realised that I have been doing some visitors to the Urban Mainframe a disservice. I've confused them, I've wasted their time and I've lost their trust. I'm not referring to my regular visitors, I'm talking about new ... http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040811/user_comments.htm http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040811/ 2004-08-11T01:56:27+01:00 The Hitchhiker's Guide to Paris http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040810/ I'm going to Paris for a well-deserved and long-overdue vacation next week (21/Aug/2004 - 28/Aug/2004). Naturally I intend to visit the obvious tourist locations (Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Louvre Museum, Moulin Rouge, Notre Dame, ... http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040810/user_comments.htm http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040810/ 2004-08-10T13:28:07+01:00 Working with Meteorological Data http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040809/ I am always impressed when I see real-time data on a website. I am even more impressed when such data is used imaginatively. Thus Dunstan Orchard's panorama and weather information have long intrigued me. Out of curiosity, I investigated ... http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040809/user_comments.htm http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040809/ 2004-08-09T13:52:47+01:00 SpellBound with Firefox http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040805/ I recently discovered SpellBound for Firefox via Ryan Brill's "Blogmarks". SpellBound is a port of the spell checker user interface from Mozilla's Composer that enables spell checking in web forms. SpellBound is one of the most useful ... http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040805/user_comments.htm http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040805/ 2004-08-05T17:35:00+01:00 The [Amazing] iPod Battery http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040803/ I knew, as soon as I ordered my beloved iPod, that its battery life wouldn't be sufficient for my needs. I travel up and down the country frequently, I spend weeks in hotel rooms and I am often on-site with clients. With just 8-hours of ... http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040803/user_comments.htm http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040803/ 2004-08-04T00:00:04+01:00 A Fresh Coat of Paint http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040802/ I would like to present to you, dear reader, the new-look Urban Mainframe. I was never completely happy with version 3 (Aston) and I've been itching to redesign for a while now. However, it is incredibly difficult for me to allocate ... http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040802/user_comments.htm http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040802/ 2004-08-02T15:34:15+01:00 Quick Survey: The Captcha Mechanism - Utility or Barrier? http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040728/ In March 2004 I introduced a Captcha device on my comments handler to assist in preventing the growing problem of comment spamming. The Captcha was fairly well received at the time and has been a non-issue for me ever since. However, ... http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040728/user_comments.htm http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040728/ 2004-07-28T00:30:27+01:00 To: My Anonymous Benefactor http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040721/ I would like to say thank you to whomever anonymously purchased Paul Dubois' "MySQL Cookbook" from my Amazon Wish List for me. Quite frankly, I am stunned by your generosity. Thank you. http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040721/user_comments.htm http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040721/ 2004-07-21T10:04:10+01:00 Comment Preview Usability Issue http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040719/ I had reason to work directly in the Urban Mainframe's RDBMS this morning while implementing a couple of patches to the CMS. While I was poking around, I noticed several records in my "user_comments" table that were in the "preview ... http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040719/user_comments.htm http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040719/ 2004-07-19T02:23:27+01:00 It Shouldn't Happen, But It Does http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040718/ That's just typical! Why does this always happen to me? I procrastinate for ages, I read every review and assess every competitor. Then I take the bull by the horns and splash out on the top-of-the-range model only to find it ... http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040718/user_comments.htm http://urbanmainframe.com/folders/blog/20040718/ 2004-07-18T20:49:29+01:00