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Distractions: Introduction

This area of the website is dedicated to things that have caught my attention, or triggered my imagination. Things that have often interfered when I should have been doing something else (working for example).

You will also find the results of my programming experiments here, whether (D|X)?HTML, JavaScript or Perl based. Many of these have often taken an inordinate amount of time to create, yet I have persisted, always reluctant to be defeated.

As is often the case with distractions, these are chaotic and eclectic. There is no order, relevance or topic.

This motley cluster of pages will hopefully have something for everyone, so that you too can be as distracted as I was.

So, without further delay, choose an item from the menu above but, proceed with caution, hours can be lost in here!


NOTE: The image above was created with Brazil r/s by Nik Clark (http://www.nikclark.com/) and is reproduced with his kind permission.

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