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Project Iceberg (v1)

Choosing a case took some time. Aluminium cases used to be quite rare (and thus expensive), but demand is now so high that there are several manufacturers offering a wide range of configurations, at reasonable prices. Aluminium has three major advantages over the traditional steel:

  • Lightweight. Aluminium is much lighter than steel which is important if you move or carry your case a lot (for example: to LAN parties).
  • Thermally Efficient. Aluminium conducts heat more efficiently than steel - and the cooler your computer runs, the less physical stress on its components.
  • Aesthetics. Clean, polished, brushed aluminium looks gorgeous, beige-coloured steel boxes don't. Need I say more?
the Lian-Li PC-6089 case...

My new case would have to offer good cooling potential, plenty of expansion room, ease of access and be drop-dead gorgeous. Enter the Lian Li PC-6089. The PC-6089 has been extensively reviewed elsewhere on the net, so I won't be reviewing the case here. However, I would like to highlight a few key features:

  • Beautifully machined both inside and out. There are no sharp edges inside the case, with every edge folded and smoothed. A difficult-to-machine curved edge has a trim along its length. So you're not going to cut yourself to ribbons while working in this case.
  • A removable motherboard tray.
  • Cooling is taken care of with two 80mm speed-adjustable intake fans and two 80mm extractors - one at the rear and one at the top of the case (heat rises remember).
  • Bays for four 5" devices (with external access) and eight 3" bays (3 of which have external access). Five of the 3" devices mount in a removable cage for ease-of-access.
  • The thoughtful designers and engineers at Lian Li have used thumbscrews throughout, so the vast majority of operations within this case can be performed without tools.
  • Two front-mounted USB2 ports.
  • Lian Li supply the case with a decorative side window pre-installed (a side window is a prerequisite for any self-respecting modder).
  • Perspex door (with a blue tint) that adds to the overall aesthetic appeal. The door has a cutout to provide easy access to the front USB ports. A frosted area covers the 5" drive bays, so that beige devices don't mar the cosmetics too much (with the door closed).
  • The case has a blue LED for power, a red LED for HDD activity and a strip on either side of the 5" bays, the entire lengths of which are illuminated by blue LED's.

This case looks terrific!

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