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Project Iceberg (v1)


The end result is a quiet system that looks nothing short of stunning and performs superbly.

Under average load, the CPU temperature reads ~50șC (with the stock cooler), the system temperature reads ~40șC. There's no doubt that cooling could be improved, but these are healthy temperatures so it's not imperative.

I can't compare my handiwork with those produced by the chaps who lovingly craft their machines by hand, but I have managed to create a custom PC with off-the-shelf components and virtually no effort. The technical knowledge and labour required was minimal (if I can do it...), the rewards beyond measure. I have had so much fun creating this machine that I now recommend modding wholeheartedly. Give it a whirl.

Gotta go now, there's a man in a Barclaycard uniform knocking at my door, he's carrying a baseball bat and doesn't look very happy...

Don't forget to check out the other pages in this section: highlights include Project Iceberg galleries and an article on modding the GUI.

I would like to thank Kustom PCs (Scotland) for supplying the majority of the components used for Project Iceberg. A special thank you goes out to Graeme who was always helpful and courteous when fulfilling my orders.

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