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Project Iceberg (v2)

A case that addresses the shortcomings I have described, yet matches the best features of the PC-6089 would be the perfect case for Project Iceberg. As it happens, this "perfect" case does exist. Lian Li's extensive catalogue contains the PC-6085T, a case that is almost identical to the PC-6089 but without the door. Additional niceties include a protective cover over the front USB ports, a grab-handle in the right-hand panel (the corresponding panel on the PC-6089 is featureless and sometimes tricky to remove) and front-panel air intakes.

The Lian Li PC-6085T... the perfect computer case?

There is just one little thing I don't like and that is that the PC-6085T also has a patterned window. So this is something I would replace, with either clear or slightly smoked perspex and a "HIGH VOLTAGE" window applique. There's a strip of carbon fibre along the top of the fascia, it looks quite neat in the metal!

That's the case sorted then, but the case isn't the only thing that needs to change. The most glaring "fault" of the current machine is that I have two, beige-coloured optical drives mounted in it. These are absolute killers as far as the overall cosmetic appeal of the machine is concerned. I had already decided to use black devices in the Iceberg to combat this and began with the FDD and the Matrix Orbital LCD to test the "look", which I liked.

Obviously, I planned to replace the optical drives too. Now the DVD ROM is easily sorted, Kustom PCs supply everything I need: a LiteOn LTD-165H and a corresponding black fascia. The DVD Recorder poses a problem though. The drive I want is the Sony DRU500 OEM because it appears to be the most versatile recorder out there supporting: CD-ROM, CD-R, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R and DVD+RW. But it's bloody beige! So, unless a black version becomes available, I am going to have to either paint it, or stealth it. Oh well, needs must I suppose.

The PC-6085T (and the existing PC-6089) has four 5" bays. With two optical drives and the LCD I have occupied three of them, leaving one vacant. My original "To Do" list for the Iceberg described my intention to replace that vacant bay cover with a black one. However, I now plan to install a Vantec Nexus rheobus in that bay. The rheobus will allow me to independently control the speeds of all four case fans so that I can achieve the optimal cooling/noise balance while I am working. Wind up all four fans when gaming or slow them down (ie: quieten them) when programming, or surfing the web. With the LCD displaying temperatures it should be easy to achieve the desired results.

Vantec Nexus Rheobus

In the external 3" bays I only have one device, the ubiquitous floppy disk drive (FDD). I'm currently using a black FDD, but it looks kind of strange sat there all on it's own, so I plan to replace this with a silver one as this will probably look better.

For the finishing touch, I plan to replace the LED's in the optical and floppy disk drives with blue ones and replace the cold cathode switch with an illuminated one, which will probably move to the front of the case. I might also change the thumbscrews from silver to blue.

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