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Project Iceberg (v2)

Having got to this stage, the only remaining items are the input devices. I am currently using a Logitech Elite Keyboard and a Logitec Wheel Mouse Optical on a Ratpadz GS surface. Now, even with the current version of the Iceberg, these three items look bland. Furthermore, the Iceberg has lots of blue lighting, whereas the mouse has a red LED and the keyboard boasts the traditional green. Ideally, these peripherals should compliment the cosmetic appeal of the Iceberg and, naturally, their illumination should be blue. So I have decided to replace them.

The mouse and keyboard's replacement will come in the form of an Ennyah cordless, optical set. As you can see from the image, both the keyboard and mouse have a mostly silver finish (with blueish highlights - perfect) and look quite slick. The silver finish obviously matches the Iceberg's case and hopefully won't look dusty all the time like my black one does (even after it's been cleaned). The keyboard also has the dedicated keys for media players that I so adore on the Logitech Elite.

The astute reader will condemn me at this point and direct me to a previous article where I denounced cordless devices on the grounds of unpredictability and inconvenience. I am guilty as charged your honour! But, to be honest, even I don't want those trailing wires on my desk. Besides, I can use rechargeable batteries...

Naturally I will replace the keyboard's LEDs with cool blue ones. Likewise, the mouse - it's blue lighting all round. Of course, I will have to take care to use an ultrabright LED in the mouse, lest performance be affected.

A final, finishing touch will be provided by the addition of a Xide-Pad Ultra ][. This mousing surface is similar to others, but has a neat little twist: blue LEDs! That's right folks, this USB-powered mat has an illuminated perimeter that will be the "icing on the cake" of Project Iceberg.

Of course, modding never stops. When I get to here the Iceberg will be complete as far as my current plans go. But new products arrive daily and there will always be changes to make. I could replace the motherboard, upgrade the processor, add water-cooling... the list goes on. Let's not forget that I'll still have the PC-6089A case too, albeit empty. That case will be begging me to do something with it...

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