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Accessibility Statement

If you have any questions or comments regarding the accessibility of this website, please contact me.

Access Keys

Most web-browsers support the use of access keys (or "accelerators") to access specific links. On this website, the following access keys are used:

Access keys are used in conjunction with a "modifier" key in order to activate them. On Windows, press "Alt" + access key; on Macintosh, press "Control" + access key.

Standards Compliance

This website is designed to be compliant with the W3C's XHTML 1.0 Transitional specification. While every effort is made to ensure compliance with this specification, occassional errors can occur which can invalidate individual pages. If you do come across an invalid page then please contact me and I will endeavour to correct the page.

All pages employ structured, semantic markup and rely on CSS to govern their presentation. Thus, the entire website should be usable with any browser on any platform, including (but not limited to): text browsers, screen readers and handheld PCs.

The website is designed to scale fluidly when the web-browser's text resizing controls are used (where applicable).

Acronyms and Abbreviations

The majority of acronyms and abbreviations used within this website include their expanded forms in pop-up "tooltips". These are accessed by "hovering" the mouse pointer over the acronym/abbreviation for a short time until the tooltip is displayed.

Expandable acronyms and abbreviations are highlighted with a dotted underline.

Captcha: Anti-Automated Post Mechanism

The user comments, forums and contact pages on this website employ a Captcha mechanism to hinder automated posting software.

Unfortunately, the Captcha is a visual device and thus might hinder some users. The Captcha can by bypassed by registering an account. I appeciate that this is an inconvenience and am investigating possible alternatives.

XML / RSS Feeds

Some of the content on this website is available for syndication.