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"Bong Cooler"

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I’m making a ‘bong’ cooler for my water cooling… If you don’t know what that is, google it, it’s quite interesting :)

If you know what it is, I just need to know, what is best for getting the water into te bong, a showerhead to put out drops of water, or get an old spray bottle and use the nozzle so it’s a very fine mist? It seems the former wouldn’t cool, and the latter would just evaporate.

Thanks for any help!

Sun 16-Apr-2006,
17:15 hrs (GMT)
posted by:

I googled this, but it seems a lot of work. What are you planning on gaining from doing this? Air cooling is pretty much maxed out with the new copper coolers, water only gains a few degrees, and it will not go below ambient room temperature. If you are looking for some serious cooling look into peltiers.

Wed 3-May-2006,
16:01 hrs (GMT)
posted by:

I object

A bong coolers central purpose is to get sub-ambient temps. And cooling is in no way maxed out, ESPECIALLY not air-cooling

Kirby, i would suggest using a cheap showerhead. A bottle top would be better cooling wise, but would destroy your waterflow, leading to worse temps on the blcok, even though you would get better ambient water temps

Also, don’t forget to add a fan or two. After adding two “silent” low cfm fans to my evaporative tower, ambient water temp went down about 6 or 7 degrees celsius, which can translate into 150-200 mhz on your CPU

Wed 6-Dec-2006,
05:06 hrs (GMT)