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RSS Feed Revised

This log details design and functional changes to the website and its underlying CMS. Use this forum to report site errors, request new features or suggest changes.

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I have added a full Dublin Core timestamp to each item in each feed. This means that new articles will appear in your RSS reader with a proper time, rather than the “00:00:00” they previously displayed.

Tue 11-May-2004,
17:34 hrs (GMT)
posted by:

I have now adjusted this once more since the times were recorded as time + 1hr (due to the server currently running with Daylight Savings Time).

I now check Perl’s “(localtime)[8]”, if it returns “1” then DST is in effect and I compensate accordingly. If it returns “0”, then DST is not in effect and no further action is required.

Tue 11-May-2004,
23:56 hrs (GMT)