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Referrer Spam Countermeasures

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posted by:

I have been running a “Referrer Spam Countermeasures” module I have written for just over a week now.

It is totally automatic and maintenance-free (unlike my previous attempts).

So far it has proven to 100% effective.

Fri 31-Dec-2004,
03:17 hrs (GMT)
posted by:

Haha, this isn’t really a fault with your excellent software DarkBlue but an amusing result non the less. Looking through your referrers this morning I noticed the following line:

/cgi-bin/formmail.pl http://suche.webcrawler.de/

I have a sneaking suspicion that this is NOT the kind of link you want to host on your website. In a rather amusing twist you cannot really count this as spam yet it still links through to some moderately hard core pr0n.

Feel free to obfuscate the URL upon reading this. ;)

Sun 2-Jan-2005,
12:25 hrs (GMT)
posted by:

You’re right Noah. This isn’t the sort of referrer I want to see in my logs, but it is a genuine referrer. So I will let it stand.

Obviously this is not a software failure - unlike the other bugs you brought to my attention! :-)

Sun 2-Jan-2005,
16:56 hrs (GMT)