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Underground Bristol

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A few years ago I heard about an old victorian street situated in the lower part of Lawrence Hill (near a certain pub)in Bristol that had simply been built over. Apparently it is exactly as it used to be - shop windows intact, cobbled street and old gas street lights. At the time there seemed to be an abundance of information about this on the internet but for some reason now I cannot find a sausage on it. It just seems to have dissapeared. Does anyone know where I can get some online information on this?

Fri 16-Jun-2006,
12:54 hrs (GMT)
posted by:

wow that sounds like a bit from a terry pratchet novel. ill look around for some info and if i find any ill post it back on here,wouldnt mind seeing that if it does exist. but i cant promise anything :)


Sun 25-Jun-2006,
13:04 hrs (GMT)
posted by:


Lawrence Hill underground St does definitely exist, however, if you were imagining a perfect ‘Jack the Ripper’ style Victorian St as you see on TV then you may be slightly dissapointed. The Site has been totally filled with rubbish and is extremely difficult to get to. It IS possible if you really want to get in although you definitely don’t want to get caught by PC plod due to the location of a nearby bank. Having said that I can advise that the Bank is soon to close and therefore, after it has closed down, if you were caught loitering around down there you wouldn’t get accused of trying to rob the bank. You need to look for a large rectangular grill on the pavement opposite the aforementioned Bank. That’s the way in but don’t say I didn’t warn you. Hope this helps & good luck!

Wed 28-Jun-2006,
19:12 hrs (GMT)
posted by:

Has anybody got anymore details or even picture of the street ?.

Fri 27-Oct-2006,
19:01 hrs (GMT)