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posted by:

the 28 days later forum is more active that this one…its UK based too! just thought id let you know as the messages ive put here have had little response but on there you get loads…


oh and this isnt a random plug look back and youll see some of my posts :)

Fri 11-Aug-2006,
19:38 hrs (GMT)
posted by:
Anonymous Guest

Yeah, but unfortunately they are mainly a bunch of elitist twits who will ban you and all your UE buddies if you don’t fit into their little clique!

Tue 31-Oct-2006,
17:02 hrs (GMT)
posted by:

…im still there and i managed to piss off most of the mods!

lol what did you do? talk about trashing places?

i met Alias today as well, he’s cool. offered all the help i need.

Thu 9-Nov-2006,
19:31 hrs (GMT)