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posted by:
Restless Dreams

Hey, Just letting everyone know that there is a new UK Urban Exploration Forum, it’s called UK-Decay. We’ve only just set up so we don’t have many members yet but reports are going up slowly but surely. It would be great if other would join up :)


Thanks Restless Dreams Site Admin

Mon 21-May-2007,
14:48 hrs (GMT)
posted by:

have joined, as name is shown. Got banned by OT on 28days later, like so many before seems! hello from scotland!

Fri 1-Jun-2007,
19:29 hrs (GMT)
posted by:

i became member ov 28dl urban, i got demoted, as maybe my comments bored them a bit below standard, my privelidge to start threads etc went after one day after typing a bit about myself on “newbies” . thats fine, we must all start somewhere, its seems not everyone can tolerate this, but the “recycle bin” is soul destroying 2 a degree. next time i explore underground, i will remember this, ; u need not become a “member” ,, just explore websites for info & stuff u r into, google it, study old & new map on an area, local people are often an oasis ov knowledge i wish this site & members every success … bye.

Sun 16-Mar-2008,
01:41 hrs (GMT)