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Anyone from Glasgow, Ayrshire or Edinburgh/Fife?

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was banned from 28dayslater by OT. Had met some cracking folk on the site and posted loads of pics and threads, all gone. I get out regular. Anyone in Glasgow or Ayrshire wanna get out? failing glasgow and ayrshire, anyone Edinburgh and fife? cheers ;-)

Fri 1-Jun-2007,
19:32 hrs (GMT)
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spiral architect

Awright! am not from any of these places but I live in Falkirk.Discovered 28days by accident while looking for info on previous employer, GR Steins in whitecross. Monkey girl got some cool images of this shit hole but does nobody know about the mine ?I am 43 yo and have a 11yu son who is fearless and a4x4 that is shit.I drive awagon for alivin and know of lots of places industrial and residential that are …….interesting. Any one got shots of INSIDE stone bridges or viaducts or aquaducts?Military stuff is the one for me. Although i spent rainy afternoon doing a recce on a gas pipeline pumping station. scary place! Also set of motion detectors on waterboard ressy in middle of nowhere. happy snappin

Tue 8-Apr-2008,
22:04 hrs (GMT)