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Inspirational Cases

This gallery highlights some of the best customised computers I'm aware of. The work that's gone into some of these beasts is amazing, the results are breathtaking...

This is a fantastic looking case. Detailed construction notes are available on the website. Unfortunately, they are in Korean! However, there are sufficient images to discover how this case is put together.

UPDATE (11-March-2004): The link has now died. Unfortunately I have subsequently been unable to find any further information about this machine.

-= The Cube =-

Yet another home-made cube. This time from Germany. A terrific "industrial" design.

Bulky II - The Rebirth

This is a neat idea, especially for a LAN rig. Why carry a monitor and a PC around when you can put the monitor IN the PC? Add castors and you don't even need to carry it!

This all-in-one wonder machine packs a lot of computing power and a 17" TFT into a case measuring just 18" (w) x 15" (h) x 9" (d).

It looks pretty cool too...


This incredible case, apparently modelled on Apple's short-lived "Cube", dictated the colour scheme for Project Iceberg.

The case is so good that it almost made it into production, unfortunately it seems as if it won't be mass-produced any time soon which, as you can see, is a real shame.

If you're really ambitious you could have a go at building your own...

Hellraiser Cube

This case was "inspired by the design of Clive Barker's Puzzle Box from the HellRaiser movies". It has to be seen to be believed.

A detailed article is available on the creator's website covering every step of the construction of this gorgeous PC...

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