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Inspirational Cases

This gallery highlights some of the best customised computers I'm aware of. The work that's gone into some of these beasts is amazing, the results are breathtaking...


It's funny how so many of my favourites are cubes. Maybe Project Iceberg should be a cube rather than a tower...

Anyway, I digress, the LokiCube is another example of a well-engineered case. Not quite as refined as "Frozen" but still a great design. It's water-cooled too!

The creator's website has a few notes describing the building of the cube, along with a small image gallery. However, the notes are in German...

UPDATE (11-March-2004): The thumbnail now links to a Google translation (German to English)

Mod Atarien IV : Hommage Atari

Paying our respects to Atari, the father of the computer game with this classic mod.

For those of you who can read French there are construction notes and images on the creator's website...

UPDATE (11-March-2004): The thumbnail now links to a Google translation (from the original French, to English).

Module 2

What is it with these Koreans?

Another great looking mod from the east. Apparently modelled on a hi-fi stack but totally unique in the computer world.

UPDATE (11-March-2004): The link has now died. Unfortunately I have subsequently been unable to find any further information about this machine.

Project 3

When Intel wanted a custom case to show off their new 3.06GHz Pentium 4 they contracted "Mashie" to design and build it. As you can see here (and on Mashie's website), the result is simply stunning...

The Ice Cube

This 8" cube is made from plexiglas. The clever and artistic use of "EL Wire" is what sets this case apart from most though. If only the builder had used an aluminium or black fascia for that optical drive...

A detailed construction guide is available.

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