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The GUI Gallery

A collection of images of the GUI (graphical user interface) of Project Iceberg - Windows XP and little bit of modding...

Apple's Mac OS X

As you can see, Apple's Mac OS X is one of the most visually pleasing operating systems in existence. It's very good technologically too and is based on a Unix core (Free BSD).

NOTE: This is the only image in this gallery that is of the genuine OS X GUI, every other image is of my modified Windows XP GUI.

aquaMOZ - Browser

The Mozilla web browser running with the aquaMOZ skin.

aquaMOZ - Composer (670 x 541 @ 29 Kb)...

aquaMOZ - Composer

The Mozilla email composer running with the aquaMOZ skin.

aquaMOZ - Email

The Mozilla email client running with the aquaMOZ skin.

Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer on OS X?

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