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The GUI Gallery

A collection of images of the GUI (graphical user interface) of Project Iceberg - Windows XP and little bit of modding...

iTunes (670 x 334 @ 43 Kb)...


Windows Media Player 9 running with the "iTunes" skin.

My Computer (670 x 502 @ 43 Kb)...

My Computer

Here you can see how Object Desktop can make a dramatic difference to the cosmetics of the Windows desktop.

Things to notice here include:

Titlebar - The widgets all have mouseover effects (just like the real thing). The widget on the right-hand side of the title bar "rolls-up" (or down) the window.

Widgets - The scrollbar and pull-down-menus are skinned.

Icons - Skinned by IconPackager

Menu - The menu is skinned and a drop-shadow applied.

The window has a drop-shadow (courtesy of WindowFX).

Quantum X (670 x 503 @ 9 Kb)...

Quantum X

The default Mac OS X desktop wallpaper.

Roll Up

A WindowBlinds skinned window in "roll-up" mode.

The Dock - I (670 x 42 @ 8 Kb)...

The Dock - I

This image shows the dock "at rest".

The "launcher" is to the right of the divider and contains shortcuts to our most used applications. The "task switcher" is to the left.

Notice how the two Mozilla icons are actually thumbnail images of the screens they represent. The black arrows under some of the icons in the launcher indicate which of those applications are actually running at the time.

The whole dock expands and contracts automagically as icons enter and leave it.

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