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The GUI Gallery

A collection of images of the GUI (graphical user interface) of Project Iceberg - Windows XP and little bit of modding...

The Dock - II

In this image you can see how the dock reacts to a "mouseover". The icon directly under the mouse is enlarged to twice its normal size and the icon's title floats above it.

The icons either side of the "selected" icon are also enlarged (to about 75% of their maximum size). As a result of their proximity to the selected icon.

What the still image can't show you is the gorgeous wave effect that occurs as you run your mouse along the row of icons, each icon expanding and contracting in relation to the proximity of the pointer.

When an icon is clicked, it bounces in the container to inform you that something's happening (for example: the corresponding program is starting). Similarly, when an application demands your attention, its icon will bounce to indicate as much.

All in all, a very pleasing and useful addition to the desktop - and the final piece in our OS X jigsaw.

What's on the Menu? (670 x 167 @ 12 Kb)...

What's on the Menu?

ObjectBar has completely replaced the standard Windows "Start" bar. In its place is this new OS X bar (at the top of screen, where a menu belongs). Notice the semi-transparency and the drop-shadows.

The menu also displays the clock (click for date) and the contents of the System Tray.

Windows OS X

The finished result. A Windows XP desktop that bears more than a passing resemblence to Apple's Mac OS X.

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