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A collection of images of Project Iceberg (version 1)...

Project Iceberg - System Unit

Computing with style!

Rat's Nest

I've tided up the cabling as much as possible. Notice the rounded cables to the IDE devices and FDD, also note the sheathed cable from the PSU to the motherboard...

None of the interior lights are on in this shot.

Rear of the Year

The rear of the PC-6089. Notice the attention to detail Lian Li have invested even on this mostly unseen area of the case. You can see the thumbscrews that release both side panels, the removeable motherboard tray and the PSU.

You can also see the switch for the lighting here (centre-right), the only modification I had to make to the case.

The ribbon between the PCI bay and the serial port connects the Matrix Orbital LCD to the system.

Soul of the Machine

A close up of the interior with all the lighting on (including room lights).

Windows Anyone?

This shot was taken by ambient light only (no flash). All chassis lights are on.

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