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Power Mac G5 Unpacking Ritual

My pride and joy, courtesy of Apple Computer, Inc.

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It's Arrived!

My "Switching Experience" began with the arrival of a delivery from Cancom. There's an Apple Power Mac G5 with two 2.7GHz CPU's, 1.5GB RAM, 250GB hard disk. Then there's a huge box containing the 30" Apple Cinema Display. Finally there's a box containing a 3-year AppleCare Protection Plan and a Microsoft S+ARCK optical mouse.

Apple Power Mac G5 Packaging

I remember being struck by the attention to detail Apple apply to packaging when I bought my iPod. The same presentational prowess can be seen the moment the G5's box is opened.


The keyboard and mouse, both of which I would quickly grow to loathe. Also visible here is the documentation pack.

First Contact

Removing the upper tray revealed the G5 - cocooned in a protective wrapping.

Everybody say, "Ah!"

The beautifully designed, brushed aluminium case of the Apple Power Mac G5.

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