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  • Rebooting
    (Date: Tue 13-Jun-2006 | Comments: 4 | Permalink)
    The Urban Mainframe has gone decidedly stale. In fact I can almost see the mould growing and the maggots feeding on the decay. But rest assured dear reader, my blogging intent is fully restored and I am on my way back! I am now putting the finishing ... (continue reading)
  • Blogging Boredom
    (Date: Sun 23-Oct-2005 | Comments: 6 | Permalink)
    I know, I know. It's been a while since I last wrote anything here. There are a few reasons for that, but the one which surprised me the most was the disillusionment I came to feel towards the whole blogging thing. I haven't read any of the blogs I once ... (continue reading)
  • Technical Weblogs
    (Date: Tue 25-Jan-2005 | Comments: 10 | Permalink)
    I need to feed (pun intended) my hunger for technical weblogs and add a few more feeds to my blogroll. I am particularly interested in weblogs that cover the following topicsSoftware DevelopmentCPerl / mod_perlRuby / RailsApacheDatabases / MySQLUnix  ... (continue reading)